POSTED BY   Diana Eger
April 2, 2016
comic collage, diana eger, kunst, frankfurt, aufragskunst, portrait, batman, wonder woman, comic
No Men No Cry 90 cm x 120 cm, Mixed Media canvas, single piece, 2016.

No Men No Cry
90 cm x 120 cm, Mixed Media canvas


Wonderwoman vs Superman, patterns, beauty, strength, women, colorful, dancing, wonder woman, disco, fun, diana eger, batman

Wonder Woman vs Batman
100 cm x 100 cm, Comic PopArt,  Mixed Media canvas, unique.

The painting you are looking at is comic PopArt and an original painting of  Wonder Woman kissing Batman.

Excellent work with a lot of details on the painting.

Inspired by the classic 1960’s Batman starring Adam West, this is a Pop Surrealist painting of Batman.

The background consists a lot of colors.

„Wonder Woman vs. Batman“ was painted specifically for the show „Superheroes“   in Frankfurt.. It is a strong Feminist Symbol,

–though clearly a mixed one, to show what was going on in my head at that time.

It’s now part of my „Strong Women Are More Fun“ series.

It is signed in the back by Diana Catherine Eger.


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